This week's round-up features the kings of all ballboys, Bradford's League Cup heroics and an elated André Villas-Boas

Thanks for all your suggestions on last week's blog. Here are a few highlights from this week.

Sticking the boot in

"Has football gone mad?" asked Chelsea's official Twitter account, who credited Eden Hazard for "kicking the ball under a ballboy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it". Hazard was not to know that he was dealing with none other than the self-proclaimed "king of all ballboys".

Charlie Morgan might have made a name for himself, but writhing on the floor makes you the king of nothing. These Estonian boys are the true kings of the trade. They provide entertainment without disrupting the action, just like this young man.

While everyone focused on the strange events at Liberty Stadium, Arsenal were destroying West Ham at the Emirates. West Ham took an early lead but Lukas Podolski knocked in the equaliser from 25 yards. Arsenal went on to win 5-1 with this cheeky backheel from Santi Cazorla the highlight of the goals – it looks even better from behind the goal.

The hazards of the job

In the aftermath of the incident now known as ballboygate, Pat Nevin claimed that the ballboy has only one job to do: get the ball and return it.

Technically, Nevin is correct, but that underestimates the dangers involved, especially if you're working at Wimbledon. Running the net in tennis a dangerous game. That being said, some people don't make the job any easier.

Snow business

Patrice Evra was pelted with snowballs during Manchester United's game with Spurs last weekend, but none of the fans at White Hart Lane had as bad an aim as the West Brom fan above, who aimed a snowball at Aston Villa defender Joe Bennett.

On the subject of poor throws, anyone playing basketball really ought to be doing better. Ideally, they should be able to play like this.

Cheeks of steel

Television stations tend to keep a camera on goalkeepers and managers to show how they react to their team's goals. For the most part, goalkeepers smile and clap, while managers usually keep straight faces or bark instructions to their players. Some shout loudly and point to their temples, as if the act of witnessing a goal could cause their players to go temporarily insane.

The bum-jumping Congo goalkeeper, Muteba Kidiaba, is a welcome exception. In fact, the Africa Cup of Nations has thrown up a few decent celebrations, including this toe-pointing jig.

Celebrating good times

André Villas-Boas knows how to celebrate. Clint Dempsey's injury-time equaliser against Manchester United on Sunday brought the best from the Spurs boss, who was also in fine form when his team beat United earlier in the season. Dempsey enjoyed his goal by hugging one of the ballboys at White Hart Lane. If only Eden Hazard had been watching.

Backpass of the week

The real story of the week took place at Villa Park on Tuesday night, when Bradford City became the first fourth-tier club to reach a major final since Rochdale made an appearance at the League Cup final in 1962.

Congratulations to Bradford, who have beaten more Premier League teams than QPR this season. As well as producing one of the great backpasses of the season, Bradford's defence witnessed a classic Gervinho miss earlier in the campaign.

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