Well it's finally here! After all the chat, speculation and negotiations, it's transfer deadline day, or TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY!!! as Sky Sports will be calling it for the next *checks Sky's countdown clock* hours.

Will he be moving there? Are they going to do any business? Will anyone find Arsene's chequebook? Has Harry oiled the winding mechanism in his car window?

So many questions, and today we'll find out the answers to all, or at least some of them as the clock ticks towards zero hour, or 11pm as you and I call it.

And we'll be here throughout to bring you all the latest news on every move up and down the land. From the tiniest nibble of a Norwich loan deal, to any whoppers arriving at any of the big boys.

Stick with us for all the news, with a bit of our usual snark thrown in.

Plus, we'll have regular Football Spy video updates from our King of transfer news, Darren Lewis, who'll be in the studio right up to the final whistle and beyond to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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